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Hello, lovely friends! I was thinking of something to post on this blog, and the thought came to me to start a series enlisting YOU, our fellow adventures and fangirls, to shared what you've shared from the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and his characters (something similar to the post I did on his birthday). The posts might feature a fangirl one at a time, or we might all collaborate to share what we've learned from the specific books and characters. What do you think?! Does this sound jolly good? Tell us!

Yours truly, S. F.

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February Greetings 💟

Hello from the Three Fangirling Sisters!

True, we missed Valentine's Day itself, but February is still here, so what say we celebrate with some silly little Middle-earth themed valentines?

01. To Lindir / From Elrond • 02. To the Arkenstone / From Thorin


As you can tell we had fun with these. 😊 Which one is your favourite?

Blessings to all our friends! 💗


Happy Birthday to J. R. R. Tolkien!

Happy 125th birthday to J. R. R. Tolkien! To celebrate his birthday on this somewhat neglected blog, I'd like to make a list how his writings have made a difference in my life:

Ever since my sisters and I were younger, playing Middle-earth characters (and making up a few of our own) has been one of our favourite pastimes. Whether we were swimming, saying good night, carrying in the groceries, or an assortment of other things, Sam, Gimley, Gollum, Bilbo, Ori, Legolas, Bain and everyone else were included into the activities and always livened things up.

Tolkien himself is a wonderful role modle (especially in literary persuit) and we can learn so much from him. The same is true of his characters. When I'm met with a difficult situation, I frequently think of Bilbo, Aragorn and the other heros. If they could do it, than so can I! (Another way they can encourage is if you have a lot to clean up, just imagine the orcs are coming and it helps you clean faster. 😉)

This one's a bit obvious, but of course the words of Tolkien are brilliant, and, at least in my way of thinking, you won't be board reading The Hobbit. :) And if you look up "Tolkien quotes", you're sure to find priceless gems of wisdom.

This is one I will be forever grateful for. When I first was looking at blogs, the way I found many of the blog friends I still have today is that they were also Tolkien fans. Without that similar interest, I don't know if I would have found you amazing people. I'm so glad the Lord used it to bring your friendship into my life.

Three great discoveries I made through the world of Tolkien are ones that help me day by day. . .
-I'm a hobbit. That's important? Yes! Watching the Hobbit, I found that I am very like a hobbit-- Bilbo especially because I see in myself a Baggins and Took. I love home, I love adventure, I love growing things, I love the comforts of home.
-Life is the great adventure! When asking someone what they've been doing, I often say "what adventures have you been having?" because I've come to see that everyday is an adventure and has things for you to learn and do. It's given me a greater love for life.
-There is a plan for all of us. Think of all the heros in Tolkien's stories. They didn't see it all the time, but there was a purpose for each of them. Isn't that one of the most important things to learn?

That's my little list. I would love to hear what you have learned from Tolkien and how his works have changed your life! Did you do anything to celebrate his birthday?

Have a splendid 2017, fellow Tolkien fans!

Love, S. F.

P.s. This was written with autocorrect, so I apologise if there are any typos. :)